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Field Agent Management in the Lend-tech World

Field services and agent management in the realm of lending is one of the most important structural operations that keeps the business afloat, especially in countries like India. Most people, yet to adapt to digitization of financial transactions & other processes involving capital are partial towards face-to-face interactions, while making decisions. It is also having a physical intervention method to guarantee debt collection as it ensures some level of accountability. However, field management can also be time-consuming and drives up operational costs. To minimize losses while also maintaining a sweet spot between digitization and human contact, there needs to be  a system implemented to keep field employees & clients accountable without human supervision on the preliminary levels. 

Adopting a hybrid digital system with geo-location tagging, real-time scheduling, real-time information upload & processing, as well as on-demand customer servicing seems to be the most feasible solution for all parties involved. Financial institutions like debt collection agencies, lend-tech solutions, NBFCs, Banking Establishments, and other institutions that need well-planned execution of their agents' visits will benefit from advanced scheduling & real-time calendar execution, as deemed necessary. 

These operations depend on the integration of vast databases of information and computational algorithms that usually are manually handled without a predictable deadline, hence driving up procedural expenditures. In debt collection services, time is money. Having a platform for real-time scheduling & processing enables immediate modifications, planning, and effective field agent management.

Support for debt collectors and other agents in the field includes bulk scheduling, for a large database of field collection rounds along with an appropriate assignment of customer advisory visits. Every assignment allocated to advisers would ideally be tracked geographicalls with update logs being saved on said data interface being used for all operations by the financial institutions. 

Moreover, payments and money transfer tracking, as well as thorough visit reporting, enable efficient and unbroken performance appraisals & identification of potential responsibility abuse within the system. Additionally, real-time calendar adjustments make room for risk management and unforeseen circumstances that require accommodations, keeping performance high and the scheduling remains undisturbed on the daily. It is the best way to improve operational efficiency without additional capital investments.

All of this is made possible with our lend-tech solution, that makes efficient agent field management possible. Looking to automate your field management?

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