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Kirana Lending

Kirana stores and other local retail businesses have become increasingly essential to our economy. A large chunk of India's consumer demand is fulfilled by neighbourhood stores and kirana shops. People have become dependent on local food stores and grocers to match supply to demand requirements. This business sector is a hub for employment, and has faced a lot more pressure to deliver since early 2020, due to pandemic restrictions. 

Kirana stores are definitely a good investment in the long run. They are dependable and rely on neighbourhood demand, which is very steady. However they can, in the initial stages, be very capital intensive. They require a bulk investment to establish, since there are many requirements upfront - staff, stock management, retail location maintenance, storage location, hardware & software, and much more.

A credit can go quite far in getting these resources. In any case, most banks and confidential moneylenders require strong administrative work and promising of security/property against the credit sum, which may not be feasible for everybody.

For those who cannot finance this venture right off the bat, taking out loans to support the business is an option definitely worth considering. Keeping future stability and growth in mind, opting for a loan that has tailor-made specifications to suit the business and the owners can be a great asset. 

Even so, most banks and qualified lenders require solid documentation, due diligence and asset collateral, in order to process loans, which may not be plausible for everyone.

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