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Lending Portfolio Management

For institutions with Lending as their predominant business, Lending or Credit portfolios are typically the most important asset of their ventures. Carrying that level of importance, these assets are heavily guarded and recorded as a preventative security measure, in the event that the asset may become a risk to the lending system’s core capabilities. Whatever combination of reasons it may be, statistically it has been proven for years - inadequate Credit Portfolio management has been the leading cause of detriment to any institution in the lending business.

With physical & digital loan delinquencies plaguing Lender and Loanee alike, the necessity is clear, now more than ever, to have a dependable Loan Portfolio Management (LPM) System in place; one that isn’t vulnerable to physical loss, damage or manipulation. Leading institutions are at the forefront of adapting such measures, while also attempting to educate their consumer base regarding the practices of safe and effective LPM. One that is inclusive of internal and external loan procedures, security measures, document management, asset accountability and communication efforts. This sort of transparency, efficiency, fundamental proactive risk mitigation, and credit & customer management is incredibly advantageous, It greatly empowers the credibility of the Lender.

Most Lending institutions today face similar challenges - Loan origination, ad-hoc document & asset management, disjointed online-offline personnel & service management, effective & on-demand communication, and efficient debt collection. Many institutions face the additional issue of having to coordinate between multiple subsidiaries that individually manage each of these functions, without any sort of collective functionality or accountability

Another challenge that businesses have faced in recent years is the switch to digitization and modernization of financial procedures - a change that has been unwelcome by a population accustomed to traditional practices, who place trust in a face-to-face system, over an intangible yet more methodical platform. The change has been slow, but we now stand on the peak of its acceptance, a fact that businesses are well aware of when aiming for the upgraded customer experience of today.

Get your one-stop LPM solution today with ENCORE 360° - our flagship product suite put together by Sensei Technologies, a one-stop integrated API solution that is risk-free and RBI compliant. We aim to fully automate and digitize every step involved in the lending process, while also organizing streamlined in-field management. An efficient start-to-finish system that manages everything, from financing, all the way up to debt collection - using the services offered in the 360° suite. The suite is customizable entirely to suit each user’s organizational requirements.. Explore these services individually and reach out to us on our website, today!