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Make Data-Driven Decisions

encore360™ turns reams of data into usable insight — get ready-to-use intel on graphic dashboards. From Trial Balance, Account Statements and Repayment Schedules to CIBIL and Highmark reports, get on-demand reports for all the metrics you want to track.

Manage Loan &
Business Accounting with
One Solution

encore360™’s super-charged accounting system enables efficient loan life cycle servicing and accounting. With double entry account configuration, the system handles amendments like backdated transactions in addition to day to day demands of disbursement, repayment, fines and fees. You can export directly to Tally, Oracle and more with Encore’s ready integrations.

Go to market faster with New Products

encore360™ keeps up with the speed of your product innovations. Set up new loan products with ease and accuracy — our domain-driven design enables a highly configurable system. User-defined field modules let you quickly change parameters, so your innovations are ready for the market as soon as you are. No backend bottlenecks, just faster deployment.

Get live bank Integrations

With its API architecture, encore360™ can easily integrate with banks. What that means is as soon as a banking transaction takes place, encore360™ can capture and account for it without anyone lifting finger. Get the edge of automated disbursals, collections and live updates 24/7.

Enable an authenticated Workflow

encore360™’s access control and user management system allows businesses to set up role-specific authorisation. Everyone sees only what they need to see, enabling role-defined actions and access. This enables an authentication system that ensures everyone on your workflow is doing exactly what they are meant to.

Struggling with legacy systems?

Get nimble and flexible with encore360™, an app-based SAAS available across all devices, with ready API integrations.